Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bachlorette or Bachelor?

So, one of my best friends got married recently, and we threw an awesome party for her in Hollywood. My only concern was this semi-cute but semi-creepy dude trying to dance on a stripper pole with my other friend who is a first grade teacher...

Got Meth?

I went to see my sister's fiance's band, Tater Famine, play in the Santa Cruz mountains not too long ago...and met a really fine guy... Damn was he twacked out. I couldn't really get over the way he clenched his teeth to the music and his eyes were just so red and glazed. God, I miss staying awake for 5 days at a time....whatever, the band was pretty good.

Here's to Die Antwoord

Sad but true, that weird little dude that is part of the really random band, Die Antwoord, died this week. I really never knew if he was a goblin or a real human - but it is totally fucked up that he died one day after his 26th birthday, last Sunday. Leon Botha, died at age from a rare disease called progeria.

We had a little celebration in his name. I mean, I've been to South Africa before, but I just love what these guys did in the name of disgrace to their country. They just don't give a shit. Honey Badger fuck off...Ninja and Yo-landi will miss him dearly. My dear friends Sonja and Devor paid respekt....