Friday, January 21, 2011

Is God Black or White?

Monday, January 17th marked Martin Luther King Day. We went up to Twin Peaks for a spectacular view of the city. The day was crisp and clear, yet a thick layer of fog swallowed up the ocean and moved towards the city. On top of the peak, it seemed as if we were above the world in some sort of cloud heaven. The sun setting into the white fog made for an unusual holy glare - and I was a bit worried our souls would get sucked over the edge of reality into the depths of fog hell once the sun went down. But then I realized, it must have been good old MLK reiterating his fight for the unity and equal rights of light and dark... This mystical illusion made me ponder the thought as to whether God is Black, White, or maybe even Rainbow (that would mean gay, duh)! Yes, come to think of it, God could be a Black, Gay Woman. Wouldn't that be awesome?

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