Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

You gotta love Lucky 13 on Market St. I always seem to make best friends with weirdos there. I remember once I went there, and had the whole bar convinced that I was the street sweeper! Drunk people were begging me to get them out of their stack of parking tickets. Obviously, I couldn't do it...but it was the rarity of the idea that had them kissing my ass all night!

A few weeks ago, my sister and her fiance were in town. We went to an opening of our friends jewelry shop, drank a ton of wine, and sauntered our way down to Lucky 13 from the Castro. I went outside to have a smoke, feeling a bit inquisitive (surprise, surprise) and struck up a conversation with a lesbian couple outside. These ladies weren't very exciting, nd the smell of some kind of herb distracted me, so I wandered away.

I made my way over to a group of two guys and a chick who seemed to be smoking something. "It's like herbal medication," they told me. Whatever it was, wasn't weed, but I smoked it anyways. It tasted pretty good and my eyes got all Chinese. Somehow, the stuff got me to believe that these random kids from Kansas were my new best friends. The pretty farmgirl told me that her Daddy had just been fired for drinkin' on the job. "...Cuz he's an alchohowlic, " she told me with all honesty in her eyes, and a thick accent in her words. "He di'nt wanna drink on' s job," she clarified, "he just di'nt know wha'lse ta' do."

Gotta love Kansas! I took 'em all with me inside of the bar and my sister's friends were all annoyed. But hey, we're not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!"

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