Friday, March 25, 2011

Fight for my Bike!!!

I can't even believe this just happened right now. I just bought my bike back for $40!

This afternoon, I came back from work to find my bike and my roommate's bike gone from our building!
Tonight, I was walking down Fillmore waiting for the light to turn green. There was a girl waiting to cross next to me, and she started laughing as she gazed across the intersection to see about 20 gangsters hangin' out on a Friday night. The light turned green, and I started to cross when I saw it....MY BIKE!

This big, black dude wearing a marijuana bandana and gold chains was just chillin' on my bike. I walked straight up to him and was like, "Dude, that's my bike!!!"

He looked a bit shocked and and said, "W-e-ll, how do I know it's your bike?"

I was a bit flustered surrounded by 10 thugs, but until I realized DUH, I have the key!!!!

I offered him $20 just to give it back. His buddy stepped in and said they needed $40. He said it was his birthday. I told him my birthday was last week. I told him I only had $20. These thugs weren't too good at bargaining, and they dropped down to $25. I thought I only had a $20 in my wallet. I decided to check it out (a bit worried they would just snag my wallet and take off on my bike with it) and found I only had two $20 bills.

"What the hell," I said. "Take the $40 and give me my damn bike back!" I shoved the money in his face and surpirsingly enough, he got off my bike and gave it to me!!! WHAT LUCK!

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